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Affiliate Tips: Boost Conversions with 5 Key Optimizations

You might feel as though you’re doing everything right, but your traffic still remains stagnant no matter how hard you try. People are visiting your page, but few are converting. The bounce rates seem to be endless. If you’re stuck in this predicament, it might not be your fault at all. There are countless nuances that get factored into how well a page performs to its intended audience. Chances are, you didn’t hit on all the key elements necessary for the maximum number of conversions. These key optimizations aren’t all common sense, so it’s a good thing you found our comprehensive guide! Here’s how you can make effective marketing changes to increase your conversion rates:

Affiliate Tip #1: Minimalize Your Site

Your website user experience matters tremendously, and the best way to enhance user experience is to make things more straightforward. The less cluttered your entire website looks, the more user-friendly it will be. Get rid of all the clutter that might look good but do more harm to your page, such as unnecessary photos, graphics, fancy animations, redirects, and distracting messages. The goal is to basically KonMari your website (the KonMari method is the practice of minimalizing and organizing one’s space). Not only will minimalizing your website improve your user experience, it will also help your website load faster, which will add extra SEO value to your page!

Affiliate Tip #2: Be Strategic About Your Navigation

Whether it’s the content or the order of your navigation bar, make sure that each tab is there for a specific purpose. Your navi should still embody the minimalistic approach in order to yield the highest return. You don’t want to overwhelm your visitors by placing too many tabs in the navi. Only include the most crucial links that will benefit your website the most, such as: Home, How It Works, Blog, FAQs, and Contact. These standard pages provide everything the visitor would want to know about your service, thus, creating a greater sense of trust between you and the user.

Affiliate Tip #3: Add a Search Bar

The search bar is often ignored, but studies show that 83% of shoppers leave the website when it takes too many clicks to get to where they intended to go. You’ve probably experienced the same frustrations yourself. You can eliminate this inconvenience by placing the search bar at the top fold of your page – preferably near the navigation bar. The search bar should also be found on every single page of your website. This small but significant optimization will make it that much easier for your visitors to convert.

Affiliate Tip #4: Create a Blog

If you haven’t already started a blog for your website, now is the time to do it. Blogs are valuable resources for both the Affiliate and the visitor because 1) it enhances the website’s SEO rankings and 2) it provides information for the consumer to learn more about the product. Having a blog is perhaps one of the greatest SEO strategies you can employ because there are just so many different uses for this extra tab in your navigation bar. When visitors see that you update your blog often, or better yet – when visitors find your page through a blog article that you’ve written, they will trust your service all the more because it shows that you are knowledgeable about this industry.

Affiliate Tip #5: Include Research in Your Content

Through all the content that you’ve thoughtfully written on each of your pages, including the home page, have you included cited statistics and research to add more credibility to your page? Credibility is the main determining factor for whether or not your leads convert. Your visitors need to be able to trust your website based on the content that you publish. Cited statistics tell your visitors that you’ve done your fair share of research in the field, so your recommendations can be trusted. Certain statistics can also be used as a review of sorts to convince your visitors to sign up for your service.

If you’ve already applied any of these tips to your current website, great news! You’re already gotten familiar with these key conversion tactics. All you have to do now is apply the rest of these Affiliate tips to increase your conversion rates even more!

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