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Affiliate Tips: 7 Ways to Connect with Your Leads

Interacting with your web leads isn’t the easiest thing you can do; that much is understood. We don’t expect every Affiliate to be top-notch at customer service right off the bat. That’s why we provide plenty of articles and resources to help our Affiliates grow. The learning process is important to us because in this space, there is nothing worse than staying stagnant and not growing. No matter where you are in your ability to drive traffic and convert leads, Zero Parallel will be on your side to guide you towards the right direction. Before we get started, it’s important that you’ve already signed up to become an Affiliate with Zero Parallel. We will match you with one of our industry experts to get you started on lead generation right away. He or she will be your Account Manager; always available to take your skills to the next level. We know that the bottom line is important to you, so we will always do our best to cater to your needs.

Now, on to another form of resource that we happily provide: online tips and tricks on how to be more effective at lead generation. A big part of being successful in this competitive field is your customer service skills. Given, you won’t always have to interact directly with your leads in order for them to convert, but it pays off if you’ve acquired some knowledge on what customers want to see. These skills can be reflected in your website design, email newsletters, and any other form of media that can potentially communicate your trustworthiness as an online service provider. If you’re ready, keep on reading.

Availability: If you’re always thinking of ways to hide from your leads, you’re probably not doing very well at establishing trust. In the financial services industry, trust is everything – especially if your customers are all online. Show your leads that you’re available by making your contact methods clear and inviting. Nothing screams, “Untrustworthy!” quite like an online service that shies away from interactions.

Empathy: Empathy can be expressed in many different ways; namely, your web content and design. Empathy uses a special form of rhetorical device, called pathos, to compel and capture your readers. With your blog posts, headlines and photos, convey a sense of empathy for your readers. Put yourself in their shoes and find out why they would need to use your service. If you become great at empathizing, your content will be a lot more relatable.

Security: To establish a firm sense of trust between you and your potential clients, let them know that their sensitive information will be safe and secure in your hands. Sometimes this is conveyed through official seals, partnerships with trustworthy brands, or simply through your written content. However you want to show your customers that their information is secure, make sure you don’t hold back.

Knowledgeability: Showing your clients that you’re a thought leader in the field is important to convincing them towards signing up for your service. After all, who would want to sign up for a website that doesn’t know what it’s talking about? A great way to show your knowledgeability in the field is by starting a blog. In that blog, write about your industry and answer commonly asked questions by your visitors. Something as simple as a blog will show your commitment in the field, your willingness to help, and your overall thought leadership.

Consistency: Consistency is the key to success in any type of work, but especially so in lead generation. This is because your productivity directly affects the amount of traffic you will pull in. Consistency in your blogging, content quality, advertisement optimizations, and similar marketing attributes, will all pay off big time if you stay the course. The more consistent you are about keeping up a high-quality website, the more your visitors will trust your service.

Accountability: Accountability is easy when you partner with an Affiliate Network like Zero Parallel. We hold the highest standards when it comes to compliance and accountability. Our name resonates with the rest of the industry because we are leaders in the area of compliance. If you partner with us, you will have the best form of accountability there is.

Efficiency: Efficiency speaks to your website’s user-friendliness and page loading speed. It doesn’t matter if you excel in all of these other areas, but your landing pages remain confusing and slow. Show your visitors that you care about their website experience by optimizing your site the best way you can. We’ve written plenty of articles explaining how to properly do this on our blog.

The great news is that you can always work on these characteristics during any point in your lead generation journey. It’s actually expected that you won’t get all of these traits down on the first try because they are skillsets that need to be developed over time. With Zero Parallel on your side, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Sign up with Zero Parallel today!

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