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Affiliate Tips: Drafts and Experiments

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Google.

The elimination of the right-hand column search ads may have been tough for some of you, but Google’s new A/B testing tool, Drafts and Experiments, could help make up for it.

This new tool (drafts) allows you to test revised campaign components against your current ads. You can test higher bids, as well as other campaign elements.

The next step would be when you are ready to test your draft(s), which is when you’ll change them to “experiments” with the click of a button. This will then run for a period of time, which you will choose and will be provided the results of, at the end of the run.

This not only helps you to make an informed decision about your campaigns, but should save you money as well. You will no longer be paying for your research, because Drafts and Experiments is free. You get to test campaign components before you pay for them.

What information will I receive?

The screenshot below comes directly from Google’s YouTube video and shows you some very important information, including campaign analytics you will receive after running the ad experiment, CTR, conversion rates, and impressions. It’s all there, everything you need when making an informed decision about whether or not your new ad campaign is performing better or worse than the current one.

Ad Words experiments comparison

In their post on February 18, 2016, Google said that they’d be “rolling out drafts and experiments over the next few weeks,” so be patient if you’re not seeing the changes from your computer. In the meantime, if you try Drafts and Experiments, please tell your ZP Affiliate Manager how it went!

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