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Affiliate Marketing and Building Your Online Presence

Everyone has to start somewhere. Even the big-leagues in the Affiliate Marketing industry once had to overcome their ‘beginner mentality’ to work hard towards building their own name. That’s why we always encourage new marketers to break into the lead generation field. It’s never too late to get started. If you’re worried about the niche being too saturated, here are some good news: a saturated niche means that there’s more potential for you to drive high volumes of traffic to your website. Don’t let the saturated niche scare you away from doing your best to succeed. We’ll provide the tools and advice you need to get to where you want to be. Let’s dive into it!

Make Use of Your References

The great thing about being in a crowded niche is that there are hundreds of other websites you can use as references. Take advantage of this opportunity to optimize your website according to what’s working for the top players in the industry. They’ve paved the way for you, so all you have to do is evaluate their websites and create a layout that encompasses everything that you like. Feel free to take the meat and spit out the bones. For example, if one of your references has a clean and sleek design but poor copy, but another reference has excellent copy but poor design, take only the details that are working and try to create your own content based on what you find convincing. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when it comes to designing your website:

Define the Bottom Line: The number one rule of design is intentionality. Great design is subjective, but the key measurement is the amount of thought that goes into each detail. From your color scheme to the placement of your titles and call-to-actions, form everything around your bottom line: conversions. Lead generation is all about conversions, and if a website attribute isn’t conducive towards that goal, it shouldn’t be present on your page.

Highlight the CTA: Your landing page or website should have one clear call-to-action that stands out amongst all of the other website details. Your call-to-action should pass the squint test with flying colors, which means that your visitors will be able to spot it with little to no effort. The best place to insert your CTA is within the upper fold of your website because that is usually where visitors spend the most time exploring.

Perform A/B Tests: A/B testing is crucial to the overall development of your online presence. It’s already helpful to use other websites as references, but to truly optimize for your own audience, you must perform a series of A/B tests. This testing process is easy for Zero Parallel Affiliates because we provide them with critical analytics on each of their online marketing channels. Find out how you can successfully conduct A/B testing by speaking with an industry expert.

Aim for Referral Traffic

To carve a unique space for yourself within your niche, the best thing to do is to create strategic partnerships with other authoritative blogs, Affiliates, and website owners with the same target audience as you. There are several ways to create these strategic partnerships in order to gain the exposure and backlinks you need. Here’s how you can approach it:

Create Evergreen Content: The term evergreen content is used to describe articles that provide valuable, timeless content. Evergreen content continues to draw traffic to your website months after it is published because it gives a thorough reply to questions that your target audience might search up. We find that many website referrals and backlinks are pointed towards evergreen content because it contains such valuable information. To learn how to write your own evergreen content, check out our recent article!

Pitch Your Content: Perhaps the most straightforward way to create partnerships is to reach out to others! Don’t be afraid to take the initiative because it never hurts to ask. The worst that can happen is you get a, “No,” from your potential partners. If your content is good enough, someone will eventually be open to cross-promotion.

Interact on Social Media: Finally, a popular way to gain partnerships and immediate exposure is to post and engage regularly on social media. Social referrals are great for driving traffic to your website. You can even collaborate with social influencers to gain valuable exposure.

These simple and straightforward methods will catapult you towards establishing a successful online presence if you put them to practice religiously. There are no greater paths to success than consistency and perseverance. It will help greatly if you create a monthly schedule for yourself, completed with short and long-term goals to help you work towards achieving your bottom line.

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