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7 Unusual SEO Strategies That Work

The vast majority of our network consists of highly experienced Affiliates who have mastered their online marketing skills for years. They are so good at their craft, in fact, that we’ve even learned a few things from observing how they work! We’ve decided to compile a list of seven unusual SEO strategies that seem to work for most of our lead generators. Maybe it can benefit you!

Unusual SEO Strategy #1: Extend Your Home Page Text to 1,000 Words

This might seem a little risky because you can turn off your potential visitors with too much text, but with the right design, you can pull this off in a seamless manner while offering valuable information to your website visitors. If 1,000 words is too much on your home page, consider elongating your blog articles to about 1,000 words in length. SerpIQ discovered that most #1 ranking websites on SERPs contain articles that have more than 2,000 words. However, just because you need a lot of content does not mean that you have to sacrifice neat design. Far from it. Our suggestion is that you optimize your design for appearance and practicality, while considering how to frame your long-form articles in an attractive manner. Use attention grabbers in your headlines, break up your articles into smaller, digestible pieces, and always seek after your readers’ best interests.

Unusual SEO Strategy #2: Repurpose an Expired Domain

You can use free online tools, such as, to find domains in your niche that can be repurposed. If it doesn’t cost too much, you can potentially buy these domains and turn them into valuable content pages that link back to your website. We’re not suggesting that you simply turn the repurposed domains into mere archives for you to stuff backlinks to your main website. Doing that will potentially get you penalized by Google. Instead, turn these websites into valuable microsites (which we will later explain in detail). Just make sure that your chosen expired domains don’t have any bans or previous penalties.

Unusual SEO Strategy #3: Purchasing Available Domains

If a domain is still active and has backlinks, you can repurpose it into your own valuable landing page or microsite. Affiliates who purchase available domains generally use it to drive traffic to their main website, which can be a great idea, but treads lightly along the lines of gray hat SEO. Gray hat SEO includes SEO tactics that are aimed at both humans and machines, or website visitors and search engine bots. Google’s algorithm is designed to favor websites that are only optimized for human visitors, not for ranking. So, if you decide to purchase available domains that still have a bit of traffic from its previous content, make sure to optimize its design and content for the sake of your incoming traffic. Avoid treating the purchased domain as another backlink for your main website, lest you risk getting penalized by your search engine.

Unusual SEO Strategy #4: Create Valuable Microsites

Like we mentioned earlier, microsites are interesting offshoots of your main website. They can be their own entities and brands altogether and don’t even have to mention your main website at all. Plenty of well-known websites have microsites. Take General Mills, for example. One of their offshoot microsites is, where the company shares its creative recipes, tips, and videos. It gives General Mills a great name because it adds more value to the General Mills brand. If you create a microsite, pour into it as though it’s truly its own separate website, rather than an extension of your main platform.

Unusual SEO Strategy #5: Try Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the event of submitting your content to a social bookmarker, such as, and having it bookmarked on social platforms by genuinely interested viewers. The greatest benefit of social bookmarking is that it attracts organic audiences that are looking for your specific services. This yields a much higher return rate than regular paid social media promotions. Although it’s a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website, it should be used sparingly. Too much social bookmarking can raise Google’s suspicions and cause them to penalize your website as spam.

Unusual SEO Strategy #6: Repurpose Your Content

The art of creating a plethora of engaging content lies in the way you repurpose your content. A single long-form article can be repurposed into at least five different promotional creatives. With your single article, you can create an infographic, educational video, email creative, consumer-focused landing pages, and even gated content. Long-form blog articles go a long way for lead generators because they create a wealth of information you can reuse in the future. Just make sure you aren’t publishing duplicate content across multiple sites, or you risk being penalized.

Unusual SEO Strategy #7: Submit Your Sites to Authoritative Directories

Some lead generators start their SEO marketing journey by dropping their website links in blog article comments, placing their website links in their forum signatures, and perhaps the most elusive of all, submitting their websites to directories for an immediate backlink. Directories alone won’t boost your website rankings too much, but it’s a good place to start if your website is brand new. A few great directories include:

With all of these unusual SEO tips and tools on your side, we have no doubt you’ll get your website up and running in no time! To join our vast network and start earning today, sign up to become an Affiliate!

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