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4 Impressive Ways to Boost Your SEO Ranking

In the digital era, we often think of social referrals and pay-per-click ads (PPC) as the main forms of digital marketing. These are popular outbound strategies that aim to pull target customers in. Yet, there is a strategy much larger and more longstanding than social referrals and PPC ads combined, and it goes by the name of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Rather than interrupting the audience’s browsing cycle with sponsored ads, SEO puts your website in the position to get discovered by your target audience. Since these web users are searching your service, the organic traffic that you’ll receive from SEO will be much higher quality than from outbound marketing strategies. Despite the fact that social referrals are making its way to the list of popular marketing strategies, studies reveal that SEO still drives as much as 51% of web traffic. Social media only drives around 5%. It’s also quite costly to invest in social and PPC advertisements as your main marketing channels. To help you cut the costs and drive more organic search traffic to your website, we’ll show you four of the most powerful ways to boost your SEO ranking.

Create Consistent, Valuable Content

Consistency is key when it comes to creating SEO-boosting content. Even though the results are profitable and highly worthwhile, remember that SEO is still an ongoing strategy that requires constant upkeep in order for you to beat out your competitors. This consistency takes a considerable amount of time and energy, so it’s crucial that you divide your time carefully among your tasks. Our suggestion is to focus your time and energy on creating consistent valuable content. What does this mean, exactly? Valuable SEO content includes keyword-rich articles about the relevant topics in your niche. You can use Google Keyword Planner or any other keyword analyzing tool to find the most rewarding keywords to focus on. Once you identify these keywords, conduct A/B tests to see which ones performed the best. You can track your results using any advanced tracking software, or manually record your data so you can continue to make informed optimizations to your content.

Leverage Strategic Partnerships

There is a famous proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This is extremely applicable in digital marketing; especially within the realms of SEO. You’re not alone on this journey, so you’d might as well reach out to other bloggers and webmasters in an attempt to create beneficial partnerships. By networking with other influencers in your field, you will gradually create a stronger brand presence for yourself. Believe it or not, these partnerships will be key to getting higher search rankings and more web traffic. If you’re worried about initiating partnerships because you’re new to the scene, don’t worry. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll get a rejection. When that happens, simply optimize your pitch and move on to the next blogger or influencer. Identify the websites that you want to work with by studying their target audience. If the websites are reaching the same pool of people you want to reach, send them a concise and straightforward email to explain your intentions to collaborate. Be sure to steer the pitch towards what they will gain out of the collaboration, not what you want to do for your own platform.

Match Your Meta Descriptions to Your Body Content

The meta description isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think about SEO, but it’s a weighty detail that shouldn’t be ignored. Some marketers claim that meta descriptions don’t have much SEO value, but they forget that it does play a significant role in your brand image, open rates and lead conversions. The meta description is the short description beneath each search result that pops up on your SERPs. If you’ve noticed, your search keyboards are always bolded in these meta descriptions, signifying that search engines do take meta descriptions into account when it determines which websites best fit what you’re looking for. It also makes sense that the meta descriptions should be an important aspect of SEO because it’s the first piece of information that tells your potential visitors what your website is all about. If there’s anything concrete that we know about Google’s algorithm, it is that the algorithm favors page optimizations that boost user experience. If your meta description is optimized to reflect exactly what your website offers, this will definitely contribute to your overall rankings.

Aim for Evergreen Content

Evergreen content lives up to its name because it continues to stay “green,” or relevant, long after it’s been published. These timeless pieces will keep drawing in new visitors to your website because it possesses such a tremendous amount of SEO value. You should aim to produce evergreen content on a weekly basis, so that all of your articles will eventually be evergreen. Here are some examples of how you can draft evergreen content:

Focus on a Broad Issue: Most evergreen articles cover an incredibly broad topic within its respective niche. For example, if a website is all about insects, one of its biggest evergreen articles might be titled, “What are Insects?” This broad, timeless topic allows the blogger to get as detailed as possible, which opens up all sorts of opportunities for internal links, important keywords, and natural backlinks. People often search for these broad terms, so if you provide an entire article on the topic, your chances of gaining organic traffic will skyrocket.

Use Plenty of Images and Examples: A trademark of evergreen content is that it is usually excruciatingly detailed, so to increase your readership quality, use plenty of images to demonstrate your points. The images will keep your audience engaged while the rest of your keyword-rich text increases your SEO value.

These four powerful tips will undoubtedly give your website a substantial boost in SEO rankings. It’s not an easy task to rank on the first page for competitive keywords, but if you’re consistent with these on-page SEO optimizations, you will inevitably reap the rewards.

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