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30 Quick Tips to Gain More Leads

Lead generation is an enormous industry that spans across all types of verticals, which is why so many Affiliates have developed creative strategies to promote themselves amidst the saturated market. Zero Parallel offers weekly articles to help guide our Affiliates as best as we could, on top of providing personalized feedback to give our Affiliates more insight into what they can potentially improve. We are here to help you succeed in the lead generation industry. Here are 30 effective ways in which you can gain more leads:

Promote through multiple marketing streams, such as social, SEO, guest posting, etc.

Make your call-to-action hard to ignore.

Clean up your website so it can load faster and feel more professional.

Make your website more mobile-friendly.

Create valuable gateway content to build your email list.

Engage with your email subscribers so you can build trust and gradually onboard your customers.

Reach out to customers who have already signed up for your service.

Create headlines and sub-heads that are intriguing, relevant and attention-grabbing.

Conduct frequent A/B tests with your written content to see what works best.

Research your competitors to see where they have been advertising their platforms.

Start a blog on your website to build trust and increase your SEO rankings.

Update your blog regularly to keep your website fresh.

Focus on a few keywords or key phrases at a time so you can start ranking before you move on to the next.

Create a complex interlinking network so you can encourage web crawlers to index all your pages faster.

Submit your new pages to Google for faster indexing.

Partner with other bloggers or web authorities to promote your website.

Comment on other relevant websites and drop your link for organic exposure and SEO points.

Stay on top of compliance to build more trust with your customers and the networks that you work with.

Personalize your marketing approach.

Make it easy for visitors to find your contact page and ask any questions that they might need to ask.

Incorporate a FAQs page to demonstrate that you care about your customers.

Give your visitors the option to share your content on their social platforms.

Invite your converted customers to leave a review or share their experience with their friends via email or social networks.

Remain consistent with your newsletters, articles, and other ongoing inbound strategies.

Avoid using negative trigger words and focus on positive words instead, which have been shown to encourage more results.

Limit the number of tabs on your landing page to encourage higher click-throughs.

Optimize your signup forms to make the onboarding process simple and convenient for the user.

Employ strategic pop-up ads that only appear after the user has browsed for a set amount of time.

Create an intentional sales funnel with your website content.

Pay attention to content hierarchy when designing your advertisements, making sure to direct users where to look next and what to focus on the most (i.e. the call-to-action).

Although these quick tips might be helpful and straightforward, we encourage you to speak directly to your dedicated Account Manager to get valuable feedback on your various promotional strategies. Our Account Managers are industry experts who know how to take your platform to the next level. If you haven’t yet signed up for Zero Parallel, start by registering with us today. You’ll gain access to a plethora of free marketing resources and get the help and support you need to drive quality leads to your website.

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