Payday Loan Leads with an Affiliate Network

Affiliates Benefits:

1. Thorough and efficient analytics
2. Highly experienced account managers
3. Bi-weekly competitive compensation payouts
4. Opportunities to upgrade to weekly payouts
5. Reliable and consistent

Lenders Benefits:

1. Extensive experience
2. Customizable filters
3. Non-incentivized leads
4. No double-sold leads
5. Comprehensive analytics

The payday industry is constantly evolving. There is a need for short-term loans throughout the country, ever since our industry’s rise since the 1990s. So, as with everything else that has a strong demand, payday loans have become quite popular for consumers.

The average consumer uses a payday loan as a way of getting through a difficult time in their lives. In other words, a payday loan is a financial resource for a lot of people. It’s difficult getting through bills and the everyday struggle of life. The fact is many people don’t have a way of getting the cash that they actually need. That’s how a payday loan is beneficial for them.

We’ve seen a lot of changes in this industry. We have seen the “exiting of traditional financial institutions from the small-denomination, short-term credit market,” which has left consumers with little options. The good news is that the payday industry is growing.

It’s estimated that the payday industry extends approximately “$38.5 billion in short-term credit to millions of working Americans in 19 million households who experience cash-flow shortfalls.” In other words, it’s a source of credit for millions of consumers.

If you have a website and generate a great deal of traffic, you have likely considered working with an affiliate network. If you are an online lender, you may have also considered doing the same. Zero Parallel is a short-term loan lead affiliate network that works with both affiliates and lenders. It’s best to stay ahead of the curve and work with an affiliate network that provides you with the appropriate resources.

So, how do payday loan leads work? In short, payday loan leads will vary. This largely depends on the type of lead it is and the information that you desire. In other words, as you filter leads depending on your own desired criteria, the more that lead will cost because it’s more tailored to your needs.

Zero Parallel offers affiliates and lenders more. The affiliates that work with us benefit from extensive analytics, competitive compensation payouts, and are paired with the best lenders in an effort to ensure performance.

The lenders that work with us received qualified traffic. There are no double sold leads or incentivized leads with Zero Parallel. In addition, lenders can make use of customizable filters as well as our Direct Call program, which connects consumers with them directly over the phone. We have seen that consumers prefer speaking over the phone rather than filling out forms on websites, which is why our Direct Call program benefits lenders. It’s another way of ensuring that they are receiving quality traffic from the web.

Zero Parallel has over a decade of experience and offers exceptional results — both for affiliates and lenders. There is a reason why affiliates and lenders don’t choose us, they stick with us. We believe in fostering relationships and offering key opportunities for everyone involved.

If you are considering working with an affiliate network, you can sign up with us as an affiliate.





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